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Washington's Wolf Peacemaker Ends Her Tenure

posted Sep 18, 2018, 11:21 PM by chloe owens

7/11/2018, by Don Jenkins, Capital Press

Washington’s wolf peacemaker ends her tenure

High-profile mediator Francine Madden this week wrapped up her three-year mission to corral the conflicts humans have over wolves in Washington. Madden succeeded in getting people with different views to collaborate, but money to fund her contract has run out…Madden’s departure comes as the department shifts the focus of the advisory group from current policies to proposing a plan to manage a stable statewide population of wolves. The department’s present handling of wolves continues to be criticized by cattlemen and conservationists. The department signed the Washington, D.C.-based Madden to a nearly $1.2 million contract in 2015 and to a $425,000 extension last year. Her in-person services cost $8,000 a day, plus travel expenses. She previously had an $82,000 contract to write a report for the department on social conflicts over wolves. Madden’s work to reconcile opposing views was praised by people on different sides, though the Cattle Producers of Washington said the department should refocus on managing wolves, not people, and left the advisory group in 2015.