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Two Wolves Set Loose at Isle Royale National Park

posted Apr 9, 2019, 8:15 PM by chloe owens

9/27/2018, by NPT Staff, National Parks Traveler

Two Wolves Set Loose at Isle Royale National Park

…The release Wednesday, coming less than a week after park officials announced their intent to see six wolves brought to the remote island in Lake Superior this fall, saw a 4-year old female and a 5-year old male set free after being flown to the park by the Fish and Wildlife Service. The wolves were then carried to separate release sites away from the public and the territory of the two resident wolves, a park release said Thursday. "It did not take long for the female to leave the crate and begin exploring her new home on the island. The male left his crate after dark. Other wolves will join the two in the coming weeks," the release added…The male and female wolves came from different pack territories on the Grand Portage Indian Reservation in northeastern Minnesota. Both wolves received medical examinations by Park Service wildlife veterinarian Michelle Verant and wildlife veterinarian Tiffany Wolf of the University of Minnesota before they were transported to the park. Both were found to be in good condition and apparently healthy. Each wolf weighs approximately 75 pounds and has a thick coat of light tan, gray, and white fur with black markings, which is typical of gray wolves in the region. The wolves were vaccinated and fitted with GPS collars.