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State Says Wolf Recovery Plan Working, Halfway to Delisting

posted Jun 9, 2018, 1:33 PM by chloe owens

5/8/2018, Capital Ag Press

State says wolf recovery plan working, halfway to delisting

Washington Fish and Wildlife officials say the wolf recovery plan is working and halfway to its requirements to declassify them as an endangered species. Commissioners Kim Thorburn and Jay Kiehne say they want to know if the plan needs updating… Once population targets are reached, managers can lift protectionfor the wolves as an endangered species. WDFW wolf policy coordinator Donny Martorello says the state has met the recovery objective in the eastern Washington recovery zone and is halfway there in the central recovery zone… With wolves currently listed as endangered, WDFW calls the shots on problem wolves, Thorburn said. “I think it feels very top-down to local communities,” she said. She would like to explore a program with more community-based action, similar to cooperatives used in neighboring states. “Management is going to be hard for some people on the environmental side (and) a welcome relief for people looking forward to a hunting season of wolves,” Kiehne said. “Somewhere in there, we’ve got to come to grips.”