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Silverman: Don't Delist the Gray Wolf - Pay No Attention to the Politicians Who Call for Killing Wolves Rather Than Considering and Testing Alternatives

posted Dec 3, 2016, 2:20 PM by chloe owens

9/19/16, by Mark Silverman, Milwaukee Wisconsin Journal Sentinel

Silverman: Don’t delist the gray wolf – Pay no attention to the politicians who call for killing wolves rather than considering and testing alternatives…

Several Wisconsin legislators…and U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson are calling for the delisting the gray wolf from the Endangered Species Act…Apparently they hope we will buy into the myth of the wolf as an evil, killing machine, likely to prey on both cattle and humans.

The truth: 1) there is no record of a confirmed wolf attack on a human in Wisconsin, 2) old age, birthing complications, disease and bad weather kill far more livestock than does any predator, according to “The Hidden Life of Wolves” by Jim Dutcher.