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Shot Dead But Still Protected: Spain's Issue With the Return of the Wolves

posted Jun 27, 2015, 4:30 PM by chloe owens

4/5/15, by Nicole Ris, The News Hub

Shot dead but still protected: Spain’s issue with the return of the wolves

Shot, poisoned or auctioned to be hunted: Spain’s controversial relationship with the Iberian wolf puts the species, under protection via European Law, in danger…It appears to be mostly farmers who want the wolf to disappear.  For decades they have not had to worry about a scenario including the previously near-extinct Iberian wolf…the region is known for its wolf attacks.  In 2014, an estimated 640 farm animals were reportedly killed by wolves…In Spain, the return of the animal that once belonged here causes a lot of political controversy…The Spanish government is trying to negotiate with the European Commission to loosen the protection status of the animal, so it can be hunted all over the country.