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Scientists Find Blood Molecule that Attracts Wolves, Repels Humans

posted Nov 10, 2017, 5:39 PM by chloe owens

10/23/17, Arab News-Science & Technology

Scientists find blood molecule that attracts wolves, repels humans

PARIS: The faintest whiff of a molecule from mammal blood known as E2D sends some animals into a predatory frenzy but frightens others — including people — into retreat, scientists have discovered. Never before has the same molecule been known to provoke diametrically opposite behaviors in creatures ranging from horse flies to humans, hinting at deep evolutionary roots, they reported in the journal Scientific Reports…“We hypothesised that prey species would be under evolutionary pressure to become sensitive to E2D, to help them avoid an area where a bloodbath is going on,” said Lundstrom. Sure enough, rodents in a cage recoiled from the molecule, as much as they did from the red stuff. When it came to humans, the researchers were not sure what to expect. Would people show blood lust or fear?