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Return of the Wolf: WWF Calls for Measures to Help Livestock Farmers

posted Sep 18, 2018, 11:45 PM by chloe owens

8/14/2018, by Jason Bennett, Brussels Times

Return of the wolf: WWF calls for measures to help livestock farmers

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) on Tuesday called on the Belgian Government to adopt an active policy that helps farmers financially and technically to protect their animals, following the sighting of at least two wolves in Limburg. In the spring, a female wolf, Naya, had been sighted in the province. A second animal, male, has since been spotted. The two specimens have been photographed together. Should they form a couple, young cubs could become part of their pack next year. WWF stressed that wolves normally prefer wild prey to livestock. “However, certain wolves quickly learn that domestic animals like sheep can be easy prey,” it said. A wolf needs to learn that domestic animals cannot be part of its diet, WWF said. It noted that in Germany, for example, measures have been used successfully, explaining that electric fencing used correctly and/or guard dogs can practically eliminate all the damage caused by wolves.