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Returning Wolf Howls to Colorado

posted May 18, 2017, 8:00 AM by chloe owens

4/6/17, by Caitlin Cattelino, Huffington Post

Returning Wolf Howls to Colorado

For many thousands of years, the howl of wolves echoed throughout the rugged Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Now, those mountainsides are silent. A state-wide campaign to eradicate wolves through poisoning, trapping, and shooting largely succeeded by the 1940s. By 1945, all established wolf packs in Colorado were killed… Coloradans want their wolves back. Recent polling shows that 70 percent of residents support the state restoring wolves to the Colorado wilderness. They value healthy landscapes and healthy wildlife populations and would be proud to share their state with an iconic animal like the wolf. But the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission isn’t listening to the citizens of Colorado. Instead, it has passed three resolutions in the last 35 years – the most recent one in January 2016 – banning all wolf reintroduction into Colorado.