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Records Show Fewer Wolf, Livestock Conflicts in 2017

posted May 1, 2018, 7:56 PM by chloe owens

2/2/18, by UP Matters

Records show fewer wolf, livestock conflicts in 2017

Official records show that in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, only five out of approximately 900 livestock operations, or about 0.006%, experienced a conflict with wolves in 2017. It's according to an organization out of Duluth, MN called the National Wolfwatcher Coalition. This number is down from 2016, when seven U.P. livestock farms experienced a verified loss caused by wolves. The records also confirmed that very few of the U.P.’s wolf packs are involved with livestock conflicts…The records indicated that of the nearly 50,000 head of cattle in the U.P. wolves were responsible for the death of five calves and one adult cow. Michigan livestock producers are compensated the full market value for livestock killed by wolves. Several scientific studies suggest that hunting or lethal control of wolves, even in an area adjacent to depredations, is not effective,” said Nancy Warren, Executive Director of the National Wolfwatcher Coalition and a U.P. resident. “Instead, experts recommend the use of non-lethal tools such as donkeys, guard dogs, lights, fladry and fencing which have been proven to be effective in minimizing losses to native carnivores.“ According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, respiratory, calving and digestiveproblems along with weather are the top killers of livestock.