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Recalled from the Wild

posted Dec 3, 2016, 2:05 PM by chloe owens

9/11/16, by Bo Petersen, The Post and Courier

Recalled from the wild

The red wolf will be curtailed in the wild on the Southeast coast, the USFWS announced Monday, nearly three decades after efforts to bring back the nearly extinct species began…A wild population numbering no more than 45 wolves will be effectively reduced, confined to “stable packs” in the Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge, where one breeding pair among six adults and seven pups now roam, as well as nearby federal lands in eastern North Carolina. It will be managed tightly as one population along with captive wolves in the same refuge…USFWS would double the overall captive population to 400 before attempting to reintroduce the species again and continues efforts to find other places in its native Southeast for that to happen…Conservationists have said USFFWS is simply allowing the wolves to die off, and legal challenges from both sides continue to make their way through the courts.