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Ranch Owners Say Wolves Attacked Racehorses in Istanbul

posted Oct 23, 2017, 2:56 PM by chloe owens

9/3/17 Daily News

Ranch owners say wolves attacked racehorses in Istanbul

Hungry wolves have attacked racehorses, killing at least one and injuring another, according to ranch owners in Istanbul’s Silivri district, Doğan News Agency reported on Aug. 20. An employee working at a racehorse ranch in Büyükçavuşlu said they were on watch day and night after one of their horses was injured during an attack, in what they believe was done by wolves in the area. “The incident occurred two days ago. We are at unease because first wolves attacked the farm next to us, where they killed one pony.”… “At dusk, I quickly let the horses in. There are also goats and sheep here, I take them all inside,” he said. But Beyciler’s neighborhood chief, Yaşar Köse, said “wolves are a part of the nature.”
“Without the existence of wolves, pigs will reproduce. And pigs damage sunflower farms. There is such a dynamic. Our citizens will be on watch for their properties and protect them,” Köse said.