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Patriarch Wolf and Family Killed in Oregon

posted Jun 24, 2016, 5:30 PM by chloe owens

4/3/16, Examiner

Patriarch wolf and family killed in Oregon

Officials from the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife shot OR4, aka “the patriarch of the Imnaha Pack” of wolves [and OR7’s father], and his pregnant mate OR39 (Limpy) from a helicopter…after ranchers complained that the animals were Presumably guilty of the deaths of four calves and a sheep…Two of their cubs were also shot…Yet, despite their claims by cattle farmers who receive taxpayer subsidies for raising their herds on leased public land, livestock depredations in Oregon are extremely rare, and have become scarcer even as the wolf population has increased. Meanwhile, ODFW’s data shows that Oregon’s wolves are having no effect on elk, deer, and wild sheep populations.  …OR4 and his mate at the time, OR2, were among the first wolves to swim the Snake River, scale enormous mountains, and establish a foothold for wolves in game-rich Wallowa County back in 2008.  The pair founded the 1st pack in the region.