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Over 11,000 Norwegians Register to Hunt Just 16 Wolves

posted Feb 2, 2016, 10:30 PM by chloe owens

12/2/15, by Hannah Gold, Vice News

Over 11,000 Norwegians Register to Hunt Just 16 Wolves

It’s hunting season in Norway, and the most sought after animal in the eyes of the country’s eager shooters is the wolf. The animal is so popular that there are more than 700 registered hunters for every one of the creatures available. And with 35 wolves, the licenses to kill capped at 16 individuals…Wolves are currently listed on the Norwegian Biodiversity Information Centre’s red list of a species at risk of extinction. Yet the number of registered licenses has risen sharply from a year ago…”The wolf risks becoming functionally extinct, with no wolf litters…if the population target is reduced from today’s number.” In the coming weeks, the Norwegian parliament is expected to propose a new population target for the wolves, and possibly to change the boundaries of Norway’s management zone…Since 2004, the population target of these wolves, set by the Norwegian parliament, has remained an incredibly low three wolf litters per year.