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Nushagak AC Hears Updates on Wolf Study, Caribou Management

posted May 18, 2017, 7:30 AM by chloe owens

3/18/17, by Molly Dischner, The Bristol Bay Times-Dutch Harbor Fisherman

Nushagak AC hears updates on wolf study, caribou management

Wildlife managers in Bristol Bay are trying to get a better sense of the area's wolf population and its impacts on moose. Walsh said he and his colleagues are collaring wolves to understand total predation on moose in the region. So far, he estimated that there are about eight to 10 packs on the Togiak National Wildlife Refuge. Those packs can range in size from about two wolves, to as many as 12. The packs tagged so far are generally near Togiak, and Walsh said they were hoping to collar another pack near that town by mid-March. The collars give biologists a better understanding of where the animals are, and where they roam. Eventually, it should also give them a sense of the total population size, which should provide a better sense of how many moose may be getting eaten by wolves.