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New York City Suburb on Edge Over Sightings of 'Coywolf,' a Wolf-Coyote Cross

posted Mar 17, 2018, 7:33 PM by chloe owens

12/7/2017, by Andrew O-Reilly, Fox News

New York City suburb on edge over sightings of ‘coywolf,’ a wolf-coyote cross

…Police in Rockland County are on the hunt for the elusive coywolf -- a hybrid created when a coyote and a wolf mate – and are warning residents to keep their dogs on a leash and their cats indoors “if you are truly concerned with its health.” “DO chase them away and make noise (bang pots and pans) if you don’t want them in your yard,” police in Clarkstown, N.Y., warned in a Facebook post. “Of course, if you don’t mind them, then watch them from a window quietly so as to not scare them away.”