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More Diverse Gene Pool Key to Wolves

posted Jun 27, 2015, 6:17 PM by chloe owens

6/1/16, by Lauren Villagran, Albuquerque Journal

More diverse gene pool key to wolves

New Mexico Game Commissioner Ralph Ramos posed a question to the federal Fish and Wildlife Service at a recent commission meeting in Farmington. With more than 100 wolves successfully reproducing and surviving in the wild, he asked, “Why don’t we support their natural breeding? Why do we want to keep adding more?”  Here’s why: Because the Mexican gray wolf population isn’t nearly as strong as its numbers suggest.  Maggie Dwire, the Fish and Wildlife Service’s assistant wolf recovery coordinator, said most of the animals in the wild are related to one another – too closely related to ensure the survival of the species, the goal of the reintroduction program