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Montana's Wolf Specialist Marvels at Carnivore's Recovery

posted Sep 4, 2017, 9:31 PM by chloe owens

7/8/17, by Myers Reece, The Spokesman-Review

Montana’s wolf specialist marvels at carnivore’s recovery

In 1979, Diane Boyd left her native Minnesota and headed west to begin tracking the first radio-collared gray wolf from Canada to recolonize the Western U.S., where humans had effectively eliminated the species by the 1930s through hunting, poisoning and habitat loss…Though wolves had been extirpated statewide, reports of sightings and shootings started trickling in during the 1960s and ’70s, leading University of Montana professor Bob Ream to launch the Wolf Ecology Project in 1973, the same year that Northern Rocky Mountain gray wolves were listed under the Endangered Species Act…Now, nearly four decades after she first arrived in Montana and following years of non-wolf work, Boyd has orbited back to her professional origins with her new role as wolf management and carnivore specialist for Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks’ Region 1. She brings a uniquely qualified long-view perspective to a public discussion that often gets bogged down in short-sighted squabbling.