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Minnesota Petting Zoo Accused of Killing Threatened Wolves

posted Nov 10, 2017, 5:20 PM by chloe owens

10/3/17, by Dionne Cordell-Whitney, Courthouse News

Minnesota Petting Zoo Accused of Killing Threatened Wolves

…The animal-rights groups allege Fur-Ever Wild is illegally pelting gray wolves, selling wolf parts and inadequately caring for the wolves while they are alive…“Every spring, Fur-Ever Wild welcomes multiple litters of wolf puppies born at the facility,” the complaint states. “The facility offers $20 ‘pet-n-plays’ with the wolf puppies while they are young. It integrates the puppies with the adult packs in the fall when the wolves are no longer young enough for visitor interactions.” The animal advocates claim Fur-Ever then kills the gray wolves in the winter after the puppies grow older. “Fur-Ever Wild pelts the gray wolves and other animals to profit from their skin, skulls, teeth, bones, and other parts sold on-site at the facility’s gift shop and off-site events,” the complaint states. “As Ms. Petter admitted in a deposition related to another lawsuit: ‘I pelted two wolves last night. . . . And there is another two going tonight . . . There will be 25 within the next three weeks.’”… According to a Minneapolis Star Tribune report, a state judge ruled last month in a separate dispute that Petter can only keep one wolf, which is the amount she had in 2006 when Eureka Township enacted its exotic-species ordinance.