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Men Accused of Illegal Sharing: Authorities Say Wolves, Bears, Deer Taken in Itasca County

posted Jun 9, 2018, 1:29 PM by chloe owens

5/2/2018, by Twin Cities Pioneer Press

Men accused of illegal sharing: Authorities say wolves, bears, deer taken in Itasca County

A three-year investigation of illegal snaring in Itasca County has led to dozens of charges against two central Minnesota men accused of taking seven wolves, two black bears and numerous deer…Criminal complaints issued late last week accuse the men of setting and neglecting the illegal snares which were discovered by a forester in northwestern Itasca County…Authorities said the men did not possess proper permits for the big-game kills, and the seven wolf deaths all came after a December 2014 ruling putting the animals under Endangered Species Act protection. Additionally, state law requires that snare lines be checked daily.