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Measures Being Taken to Revive French Wolf Population

posted May 8, 2018, 5:25 PM by chloe owens

3/7/18, by Nanette Dupree, French Tribune

Measures Being Taken to Revive French Wolf Population

A plan to protect French wolves could lead to a growth in population to 500 by 2024. The proposal, intended to bolster France's wolf population by 40 percent, is intended to allow wolves to continue living within the country. The most likely opposition to such legislation, farmers within the countryside, have already cited multiple instances of impaired income as a direct result of wolves going after livestock. The proposal is being spearheaded by Nicholas Hulot, an environmentalist, and intends to offer financial assistance to farmers so they can afford electrified fences to deter predators and herding dogs to keep livestock in line. Said plan would also cede to farmers' interests by allowing an annual culling of 10 percent of all wolves. Culling would serve as a way to lessen the frequency of sheep attacks by wolves. France first institutionalized wolf hunting with the "louveterie" in the early 800s