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Mad Cow Disease Forced Galician Wolves to Alter Their Diets

posted Jan 15, 2016, 9:17 PM by chloe owens

10/7/15, by Brooks Hays, UPI

Mad cow disease forced Galician wolves to alter their diets

Santiago, Spain – The Iberian wolf, sometimes called the Galician wolf, is a grey wolf subspecies native to Spain and Portugal. Until 2000, Iberian wolves fed mostly on carrion – typically dead pigs and cattle…In the wake of mad cow disease scare, regulators forbade farmers and ranchers from abandoning dead and dying animals…Not only is carrion consumption down, but overall, livestock is playing a diminished role in the wolf’s diet. “An increasing number of roe deer and Galicia’s significant wild pony population both softened the blow when cattle carrion disappeared, allowing for a change in the wolf’s diet and strengthening its predatory niche”