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Lone Wolf Chasing Snowmobilers in Voyageurs National Park

posted Apr 3, 2015, 10:23 PM by chloe owens

3/4/15, by Mary Lynn Smith, Star Tribune

Lone wolf chasing snowmobilers in Voyageurs National Park

A lone wolf that has followed several snowmobilers in Voyageurs National Park has prompted park officials to close and reroute small sections of trails there. Normally, a wolf wouldn’t get close to humans, which makes the behavior odd, according to park officials and a top wolf researcher. The trail changes are being done to protect visitors and the wolf, said park Superintendent Mike Ward…A wolf running with snowmobilers is unusual, said renowned Minnesota wolf researcher Dave Mech. “I don’t know of another case like that here,” he said. “There was one case in Canada a few months ago and that wolf was rabid. But I don’t think this one is. There’s no record of rabies in wolves in Minnesota. Never has been historically.” Instead, Mech suspects the wolf is just “naive and young.”