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Let Rich Tourists Hunt Wolves by Helicopter to Solve Siberia's Wolf Epidemic

posted May 17, 2017, 9:48 PM by chloe owens

3/8/17, by Kate Bakilskaya, The Siberian Times

Let rich tourists hunt wolves by helicopter to solve Siberia’s wolf epidemic

The region's 12,000 wolves are costing $2.5 million a year in damage to reindeer and horse herds. Wolves killed more than 9,000 reindeer and 500-plus horses, it is reported. Measures taken by the authorities to cull the rapidly rising wolf population are seen as ineffective. Now local deputy Viktor Fedorov has suggested the region - also known as Sakha Republic - offering elite hunting opportunities to tourists as a means of rapidly reducing numbers without putting a strain on the budget. The cost would be $10,000 for each wolf, plus $5,100 for helicopter transport, accommodation and food. 'Chinese tourists fly to Canada and Alaska for hunting, which is more expensive. Harbin (China) is close to us, so I came up with the idea of commercialising the project.' ‘We have a limit of 800 wolves to be killed a year. 400 wolves could be (killed by) commercial activity. In that way environmental department would earn 120 million roubles ($2.06 million). And the hunting department would not need to shoot wolves - and will only fight against poaching.' Yakutia has around 12,000 of an estimated 50,000 [wolves] in Russia.