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Italy Rejects Demands for a Wolf Cull as Numbers Increase in the Alps and Appennines

posted May 12, 2019, 9:20 PM by chloe owens

4/3/2019, by Nick Squires, Telegraph

Italy rejects demands for a wolf cull as numbers increase in the Alps and Appennines

Demands by Italian farmers for the country’s burgeoning wolf population to be culled have been rejected by the government, with a newly launched management plan insisting that man and beast can co-exist. After months of debate, the coalition has come up with a wolf management plan which firmly rejects the shooting, poisoning or trapping of wolves…There are an estimated 1,580 living in the Apennines, the mountains which run through the length of Italy, while the population in the Alps has more than doubled since 2015, from 130 to nearly 300 animals. Italy has 10 per cent of Europe's wolf population, excluding Russia…Giuseppe Pan, a regional politician with responsibility for hunting and farming in the northern region of Veneto, said he was disappointed by the wolf management plan. Culling was allowed in many countries where the wolf was making a comeback, including France, Finland, Slovenia and Croatia, he said.