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If 30 Wolves are Captured for Release on Michigan's Isle Royale, Here's How it Could Happen

posted May 23, 2018, 10:23 PM by chloe owens

4/18/2018, Michigan News

If 30 wolves are captured for release on Michigan’s Isle Royale, here’s how it could happen

… The NPS is supposed to release its final decision on the wolf question very soon. In mid-March, it released a Final Environmental Impact Statement to Address the Presence of Wolves for the remote island park in Lake Superior. It laid out four alternatives for action related to the wolves, including Alternative B, which is the Park Service's preferred plan. It calls for a capture of 20 to 30 wild wolves for release on the island. Federal officials find themselves on the brink of this decision after the island's longtime wolf and moose populations have seesawed down to a spot where there are only two wolves left on the island. Disease, accidents and inbreeding all have taken a toll on a population that at its high point saw about 50 wolves on the island. Meanwhile, the island's moose population, without a strong predator pack, was last estimated at 1,600 and accelerating. Their overbrowsing of this leafy wilderness is a real concern.