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Howl of Outrage in Italy Over Anti-Wolf Campaign

posted Mar 8, 2017, 9:01 PM by chloe owens

2/2/17, by Fanny Carrier

Howl of outrage in Italy over anti-wolf campaign

Italy was set Thursday to give an initial green-light to a plan to cull five percent of its wolves in a move that has sparked a national outcry. The Canis lupus italicus, known for its pelt that reddens in summer, has been a protected species since 1971. There are believed to be some 1,600 of them living in the mountainous regions of the Appenines and up to 150 in the Alps. But opponents of the plan insist the lack of a recent population census means the numbers may be way off…They also say other measures to protect livestock would be far more effective. Moreover, there are no statistics on the damage the noble predators’ cause -- with bear stories often stealing the limelight