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Grey Wolf Traveling Alone Spurs Questions for Alberta Traveler

posted Jan 16, 2015, 11:34 AM by chloe owens

11/15/14, by Rachel Maclean, CBSS News

Grey wolf traveling alone spurs questions for Alberta traveler

The realities of the wild can often be harsh when it comes to aging…Along the road Rioux came across a grey wolf walking by itself.  It was a surprise, since wolf sightings can be a rare occurrence…”She used to be the pack alpha female for quite some time,” said Rioux.  “But now that she’s older, her position must have been taken by another younger wolf.  Her leaving the pack is a recent event.” … “Most wolves in Jasper die before they are five years old.  Old wolves spend more time on the roads, probably because travel is easier.  We have no reason to believe that collaring affects the social status of wolves within their packs-we’ve collared alpha wolves in the past and they have successfully maintained their status into old age.”