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Gray Wolf Protections on Track to Survive Current Congress

posted Apr 9, 2019, 8:36 PM by chloe owens

12/3/2018, by Kellen Browning, McClatchy DC Bureau

Gray wolf protections on track to survive the current Congress

The gray wolf has been in danger in recent weeks of losing the federalprotection that for decades has kept it from being hunted. House Republicans last month passed legislation to remove gray wolves in 48 states from the list of species shielded by the Endangered Species Act, which could make it easier to kill them…But the House’s initiative has been stuck in the Senate, and with only days remaining in this year’s congressional session, key backers are not optimistic that bill will go anywhere. Bills not enacted by Congress before its new session begins next month expire. That means the Manage Our Wolves Act would have to pass the House again in 2019 — a tougher task, as environmentally-friendly Democrats will run the House of Representatives.