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Gray Area: Ranchers Find Ways to Live With Wolves Despite Deaths of Dogs, Horses, Cattle

posted Apr 3, 2015, 11:02 PM by chloe owens

3/23/15, by Christine Peterson, Casper Star-Tribune

Gray Area: Ranchers find ways to live with wolves despite deaths of dogs, horses, cattle

… The Robinetts’ relationship with wolves in some ways encapsulates the journey followed by Wyoming’s ranchers, conservationists, hunters, politicians and recreationists in the last 20 years. Jon wanted to work with the carnivores from the beginning. He believed that humans and wolves could coexist. Some early wolf opponents are beginning to find a middle ground, too…“I like wildlife, I love looking at big elk and deer, and I like seeing grizzlies,” Phillips said. “Wolves, they’re big and neat. But they’re also big and meat eaters. If they would manage wolves, I’d be able to accept a little larceny, a little death loss.” No one has a firm count of how many wolves once roamed Wyoming’s mountains and plains, but between 1893 and 1927 alone, hunters killed more than 36,160 wolves in the Cowboy State, according to a 1954 issue of Wyoming Wildlife magazine.