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Going to the Wolves: Strong Views Aired on Expanding Wolf Recovery Area in Arizona

posted Sep 28, 2013, 11:33 AM by chloe owens

9/18/13, by Shar Porier, Sierra Vista Herald

Going to the wolves: Strong views aired on expanding wolf recovery area in Arizona

Bisbee – Wolves. Just mention the word and depending on how one views predatory American animals, there are bound to be those who are in awe of the stamina, power and grace of the animal who once roamed the West in numbers and those who are fearful of its agile and deadly ability to kill.  As the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service proposes to open protected areas in New Mexico and Arizona for the reintroduction of the smaller Mexican Wolf, an uproar of opposition has been raised by ranchers who cannot afford to lose stock and who fear for their children and pets.