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From the Steppe to Central Spain, Europe Echoes to the Howl of the Wolf

posted Jan 17, 2014, 6:34 PM by chloe owens

1/4/14, by John Vidal, The Observer-The Guardian

From the steppe to central Spain, Europe echoes to the howl of the wolf

…After an absence of 70 years, the wolf is back in the Guadarrama hills and breeding just 40 miles from Madrid.  There have been sightings for several years of lone males, but camera traps recently picked up a family of three cubs, two adults and a juvenile. To the consternation of the farmers who believed that this ancient foe had left the hills forever…In the past two months around 100 sheep and cattle have been killed near Buitrago, in the northern foothills…”GTuadarrama can support two, even three packs.  We think there are now six packs within 100km of Madrid…”