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First California Gray Wolf Depredation Event in Nearly 100 Years Recorded

posted Feb 2, 2016, 10:47 PM by chloe owens

12/18/15, by Edward Ortiz, Sacramento Bee

First California gray wolf depredation event in nearly 100 years recorded

…a rancher in Siskiyou County after his employees saw five wolves feeding on a dead calf in a meadow…A cow carcass was also found. The report stipulates it is “probable” that a gray wolf predation event took place with the dead calf. It is unclear whether the dead cow found was killed by the wolves since the cow had evidence of infection and may have already been dead when the wolves got to it…agency biologists typically find these to be caused by coyotes or mountain lions upon investigation.  That determination is made by studying tracks and scat at the kill site, as well as how an animal was felled.