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Federal Lawsuit Challenges Wisconsin Hunter Harassment Law

posted Sep 4, 2017, 9:44 PM by chloe owens

7/19/17, by Danielle Kaeding, Wisconsin Public Radio

Federal Lawsuit Challenges Wisconsin Hunter Harassment Law

A group of individuals are suing state officials in federal court over Wisconsin's hunter harassment law, arguing the law stifles free speech. Joseph Brown, Louis Weisberg and Stephanie Losse are suing Gov. Scott Walker, state Department of Natural Resources Secretary Cathy Stepp and Attorney General Brad Schimel…The law passed last year bans people from repeatedly bothering hunters in the woods and documenting their activities. The state made it illegal for anyone to film, record or photograph hunters on multiple occasions. Matthew Liebman, director of litigation for the Animal Legal Defense Fund, said they’re seeking an injunction to prevent enforcement of the law. He said it should ultimately be struck down because it violates the First Amendment. “Nobody has a right to physically or verbally assault somebody else, but we already have laws that prohibit that," Liebman said. "This is just an extra content-based attack on the free speech rights of activists. We want this statute declared unconstitutional."