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Famous Oregon Wolf OR-7 Sires 5th Consecutive Litter of Pups

posted Sep 18, 2018, 11:50 PM by chloe owens

8/16/2018, by Associated Press,

Famous Oregon wolf OR-7 sires 5thconsecutive litter of pups

Portland - A wolf known as OR-7 that established the first gray wolf pack in western Oregon in six decades has sired at least one pup for his fifth consecutive year, wildlife biologists said Wednesday. Three wolf pups were captured frolicking in front of a remote camera set up in southwest Oregon by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, said Amaroq Weiss, of the Center for Biological Diversity. The footage was recorded in early July and released this week. β€œOR-7 traveled 4,000 miles to find a mate and start a family. But this important recovery can only continue if we keep protecting wolves in Oregon and California and across the United States,” Weiss said. The footage was captured in the Rogue-Siskiyou National Forest, just north of the California border. The 30-second clip shows two pups bouncing in front of the hidden camera and a third runs by a short distance away.