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Experts Outline Nonlethal Measures to Prevent Wolf Depredation

posted Sep 4, 2017, 8:08 PM by chloe owens

6/16/17, by Tim Hearden, Capital Press

Experts outline nonlethal measures to prevent wolf depredation

Livestock producers, government officials and university researchers detailed a half-dozen nonlethal measures that ranchers could use to prevent wolf attacks…The riders take turns going out several times a week looking for tracks, scat or other signs of wolves and other wildlife that could harm cattle, which enables producers to move their livestock out of danger if possible. For Oddo, having a human presence around to watch for any wolf activity is best because it helps ranchers respond more quickly than if they wait to be notified by state wildlife managers, she said…The range rider program was one of about a half-dozen nonlethal measures for dealing with wolves highlighted at the all-day workshop.