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Danish Kindergarten Class Halts Field Trip After a Wolf is Spotted

posted Jun 9, 2018, 1:31 PM by chloe owens

5/8/2018, by Ray W, CPH Post Denmark

Danish kindergarten class halts field trip after a wolf is spotted

About 20 children from Resen Friskole and Naturbørnehave in Struer had their field trip cut short last Wednesday when what appears to have been a wolf got a little too close for the comfort of the teachers leading the group. The wolf was between 30 and 50 meters from the group, and the adults thought it was odd that the wolf just sat and observed them. “It did not seem terribly frightened, so they stopped the trip,” Henrik Borg from Resen Friskole and Naturbørnehave told Århus Stiftstidende…The institution wrote to parents following the encounter, saying that they do not fear for the safety of the children while at the school, as the play area is fenced in. They also said that they will continue taking the children on field trips.