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Cree Councillor, Wildlife Biologist Object to Alberta Wolf and Coyote Culls

posted Jan 26, 2018, 3:08 PM by chloe owens

11/29/17, by Brandi Morin, CBC News - Indigenous

Cree councillor, wildlife biologist object to Alberta wolf and coyote culls

A councillor from Kehewin Cree Nation in northern Alberta says he objects to a coyote and wolf education incentive program advertised by the local county, as an attack on the "four legged nation." There are 16 municipalities with predator bounty programs in Alberta. St. Paul county introduced its program six years ago in order to reduce the population of coyotes and wolves over the calving season. The bounty offers a payout of $15 per coyote and $75 per wolf to a maximum number of 20 coyotes/wolves per week, and a total season maximum of 100 coyotes/wolves per resident/landowner. Kehewin Cree Nation councillor Benjamin Badger said the "four-legged nation," which includes the wolf and coyote family clans, have shared the land with Indigenous people forever and should not be hunted and killed. "The farming and agriculture has just devastated the land that they use to sustain themselves," said Badger. "Metaphorically, you take what's happening to the wolves and apply it to what Indian people had to face ... there's so much correlation."