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Coywolves, Coyote-Wolf Hybrids, are Prowling Rock Creek Park and D.C. suburbs

posted Aug 5, 2014, 8:36 PM by chloe owens

7/1/14, by Sadie Dingfelder, The Washington Post

Coywolves, coyote-wolf hybrids, are prowling Rock Creek Park and D.C. suburbs

On an overcast morning in May, Melissa Farley, 25, and her dog, Kai, went for a hike in Rock Creek Park.  They were walking on the outskirts of the public golf course when two creatures emerged from the woods.  “At first, I thought they were stray dogs or lost dogs,” Farley says.  “They were really beautiful, kind of grayish and cool in color, and almost as big as Kai.”  Kai, a 60-pound German shepherd mix, took off after them.  Farley listened helplessly as the animals fought in the underbrush.  When Kai returned, the dog and owner sprinted back to their Brightwood condo…they told her she’d had a run-in with Rock Creek Park’s resident coyotes.  Farley, however, isn’t so sure.