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Contempt or Admiration? How Suburbanites View the Wolf

posted Apr 3, 2015, 10:35 PM by chloe owens

3/9/15, by Valerie Blaine, Daily Herald

Contempt or admiration? How suburbanites view the wolf

The body of a large dog was found at the side of a road near Morris, Illinois…But this dog looked an awful lot like a wolf. Illinois conservation police officers took the animal to a local veterinarian who said it appeared to be a timber wolf…found in Illinois where wolves were extirpated some 150 years ago. Not being a ranching state, this is somewhat different from the situation in states like Montana…What's curious today is that most of us suburbanites have never seen a wild wolf, yet the very thought of one -- the possibility of its presence -- evokes immediate, impassioned responses… It's really no more bloodthirsty than a mosquito, no more voracious than, say, a teenager. But the sight of the wolf will stop you cold and its unearthly howl will send chills down your spine…