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Chernobyl is a Wildlife PARADISE: Wolves, Lynx, Elk and Boar Have Thrived Since Humans Abandoned the Nuclear Disaster Zone

posted Jan 15, 2016, 9:13 PM by chloe owens

10/5/15, by Rachel Reilly, Daily Mail

Chernobyl is a wildlife PARADISE: Wolves, lynx, elk and boar have thrived since humans abandoned the nuclear disaster zone

…Populations of large mammals show no evidence of being affected by the continuing radiation in the exclusion zone around the nuclear power plant in Ukraine, close to the Belarus border, which was hit by an explosion and fire in 1986. Around 116,000 people were permanently evacuated from the 1,600 square miles…Three decades on a scientific study published in the journal Current Biology has found abundant populations of mammals…while the extremely high dose rates of radiation in the immediate aftermath of the accident significantly hit animal health and reproduction, they recovered quickly and there was no evidence of long term effects on mammal populations. While individual animals may be affected by radiation, overall populations have benefitted from the absence of people and hunting, forestry and farming…