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Cattle Ranchers Track Wolves with GPS, Computers

posted Nov 15, 2013, 6:11 PM by chloe owens

11/10/13, by Becky Kramer, The Spokesman-Review

Cattle ranchers track wolves with GPS, computers

Before the sun breaks over the mountains, Leisa Hill is firing up a generator in a remote cow camp in eastern Stevens County.   Soon she’ll be poring over satellite data points on her laptop, tracking the recent wanderings of a GPS-collared wolf…Hill is a range rider whose family grazes 1,300 head of cattle in the Smackout pack’s territory…Through regular patrols, she’s alerting the Smackout pack that cattle aren’t easy prey.  Her work is paying off.  Last year, 100% of the herd returned from the U.S. Forest Service allotments and private pastures…”We’ve lost nothing to wolves,” he said.