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Campaign to Save the Indian Wolf

posted Apr 3, 2015, 10:20 PM by chloe owens

3/1/15, by Quaid Najmi, Newkerla

Campaign to save the Indian wolf

A wolf conservation effort has been taken up in Ahmednagar district in Maharashtra by a Mumbai NGO, villagers of Parner in Ahmednagar and the Maharashtra forest department, helped by a British trust. The wolf was once widely spotted in grasslands all over India. "We observed this in Ahmednagar's grasslands which once abounded with packs of wolves but which are now rarely sighted," said Aghor, director of EnviroCare Welfare Society (ECWS)… this was despite abundance of prey like deer, antelopes, hares, rabbits, rodents and even sheep, goats, dogs when they stray into human habitats, and there is up to one metre tall grass, dens or burroughs in the wild for them to hide and hunt…India is home to two important species: the Grey Wolf and the Himalayan Wolf. The latter is even more endangered…the Chief Conservator of Forests-Wild Life, Pune, said the Indian wolf had been accorded a 'protected animal' status since 1972…"However, we have no data on their numbers. The (Ahmednagar) project has been started specifically for the wolves. It will continue for another six months to learn their behavior…