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Bow Valley Wolf Pack Expected to Rebound After Fatal Accident

posted Nov 2, 2016, 4:04 PM by chloe owens

7/5/16, by Ian Campbell, 660 News

Bow Valley wolf pack expected to rebound after fatal incident

…”The pack dynamics as we’ve come to learn there were at least six pups this year born to litter, three of those were recently killed and one died on June 18th, so we believe we’re at a number of two young pups, three yearlings, and the one adult male,” said Hunt. “We work closely with CP to make sure we don’t have any attractants on the rails so if a deer or elk is struck on the rail they call it in right away and we go and remove that carcass so we’re not attracting any bears [or wolves]…”Well there’s very little we can do in terms of deterring wolves from using the railway, we certainly have other work underway, for example the dawn to dusk closure of the Bow Valley Parkway provides them secure habitat during that time of year. Keeping food and garbage away provides them an opportunity to also use the habitat.