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Biologist to Discuss Mexican Gray Wolves

posted Sep 5, 2015, 4:35 PM by chloe owens

8/5/15, by Shannon Sollitt, Jackson Hole News & Guide

Biologist to discuss Mexican gray wolves

In 2014 a litter of Mexican gray wolves was born in the Chihuahua region of northern Mexico.  They were the first pups of their kind born in the wild in almost 40 years.  Carlos Lopez Gonzalez has been working on the recovery and restoration of the wolf pack since 2006…He said wolves are the most difficult species he has worked to restore.  “I have worked with cougars, jaguars and bears for the past 20 years,” Gonzalez wrote in an email from the field to the News&Guide.  “None of those species is as challenging as working with wolves.”