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Best Science Needed for Wisconsin Wolf Plan

posted Feb 8, 2017, 2:10 PM by chloe owens

1/18/17 by Paul A. Smith, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Best science needed for Wisconsin wolf plan

…the charismatic and controversial species is at the center of action generated outside state borders…This time the wolf is the subject of proposed legislation in the nation’s capital to override the judge’s ruling. Over the last week, companion bills were introduced in the House of Representatives and Senate to return wolf management to state control in Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota and Wyoming…The active plan was established in 199 and updated in 2007. It set a statewide wolf population target of 350 wolves…the 350 was never meant to be a cap…Among survey respondents in wolf range, 53% wanted wolf numbers maintained at current levels or increased in their county of residence, while 18% wanted wolves decreased and 15% wanted them eliminated