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Back Into the Wild: Is it Time for Wolf Packs to Roam the Highlands Again?

posted Jan 15, 2016, 1:49 PM by chloe owens

9/17/15, by Jamie Merrill, Independent

Back into the wild: Is it time for wolf packs to roam the Highlands again?

To the untrained eye the rugged mountains and ancient woodlands of the Coigach and Assynt wilderness in the far northwest of Scotland look like the perfect place to reintroduce extinct predators like the lynx and wolf… This comes at a tense point for many in the conservation movement amid calls for the “rewilding” of parts of Britain…calling for the species, hunted to extinction hundreds of years ago, to be returned to the Highlands…local conservationists…are more worried about restoring ancient woodlands and blanket bogs…