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A (Wolf) Pack of Lies

posted Nov 15, 2013, 6:08 PM by chloe owens

11/8/13, The Humane Society Legislative Fund

A (Wolf) Pack of Lies

There is more fallout this week in the wake of the investigative series exposing politicians and state officials who made up stories out of whole cloth in order to prompt Michigan’s first wolf hunting season in half a century.  A leading booster of the wolf hunt, Sen. Tom Casperson, took to the floor of the state Senate yesterday and apologized to his colleagues and to voters for including a fictional account about wolves at a daycare center in a resolution he authored in 2011.  Sen. Capserson acknowledged, “I was mistaken, I am accountable, and I am sorry…”…The Michigan DNR’s furbearer specialist, Adam Bump, also took an apology tour this week, appearing on Michigan Radio to explain the comments he previously made in May, when he had said that wolves were showing up on people’s porches and staring at them through glass doors.  Bump says he misspoke back then, and the scenario didn’t exist.