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Another Shot at Delisting: Wyo Senators Put Gray Wolf on Target for State

posted Mar 8, 2017, 9:14 PM by chloe owens

2/22/17, by Tamara Choat, The Fence Post

Another shot at delisting: Wyo senators put gray wolf on target for state

The gray wolf is alive and surviving – make that thriving – in Wyoming. Enough that most groups with ties to management in the state – from ranchers, to state and federal wildlife agencies, to U.S. Congressmen – feel it is time for it to come off the endangered species list – again…would delist the gray wolf in Wyoming, Wisconsin, Minnesota and Michigan and return management to the individual states…”(The reimbursement) helps level things out, but there are other costs to this depredation that are kind of hidden,” Price said. “When wolves are chasing cattle around, they don’t gain weight, they don’t breed up, they are wore out, chased through fences, things like that. Those are hidden costs that translate to management costs and low pregnancy tests and lighter weights…Key to the proposed Senate legislation…Essentially the delisting can’t be challenged again in court.