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A Nomads’ Legend Keeps the Indian Wolf Alive: An Unconventional Conservation Story

posted Jan 16, 2016, 1:46 PM by chloe owens

10/13/15, by Nayantara Narayanan,

A nomads’ legend keeps the Indian wolf alive: An unconventional conservation story

…The trio set out to document the life of the wolf but could find no signs of it on the arid plains. However, when they changed tack and started following nomadic tribes, they not only saw the wolf but uncovered an unusual belief…the filmmakers finally saw an old male wolf with one of its ears bent. Obviously, they called him Bent Ear. The film they made over the next three years became Walking With Wolves, which this week won the wildlife conservation film award this year…show how Bent Ear survived many years in the Raichur area, where wilderness has been taken over by farming and grazing and where wolves are regularly hunted or poisoned