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Alaska Board of Game Lowers POW Wolf Harvest

posted Apr 2, 2015, 11:36 PM by chloe owens

2/9/15, by Matt Miller,

Alaska Board of Game lowers POW wolf harvest

The Alaska Board of Game has voted to reduce the overall harvest of the Alexander Archipelago wolf on Prince of Wales Island just as the federal government considers a petition to list the wolf under the Endangered Species Act. Board members dropped the guideline harvest level from a maximum of 30 percent of the population to 20 percent…The Prince of Wales Island wolf population was recently estimated at 221 wolves. There were an estimated 356 wolves in 1994 and 345 wolves in 2003, but those earlier estimates rely on a different type of modeling that is no longer used by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. It’s still uncertain whether initial estimates generated an inflated figure or if the latest count underestimated the population.

Wolf trapping and hunting on Prince of Wales Island was closed by emergency order in 2013 when the guideline harvest level was exceeded with the taking of 60 wolves. Generally, trappers account for 75 percent of the wolf harvest on the island while hunters take the rest.